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Now Building the RPG Museum.

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You can donate money or items to the RPG Museum.

You can send us your legacy RPG items.

Those items that we don't have already

will be added to the museum collection

to share access with the public.

If you send duplicates that we have already,

we can use those at auction

to raise money to help us cover costs of

the museum facilities online and offline.

The RPG Museum if part of the 501(c) 3 non-profit RPG Research.

We are 100% unpaid volunteer-run, with over 100 volunteers worldwide.

Since 2004 an International Research & Community Programs
Improving Lives Through the Power of Accessible & Inclusive

Music & Role-Playing Games!

Donate to RPG Research today!

Starting online, with your help we will build a full experiential museum on the history of role-playing games from multiple perspectives.

Donate to the RPG Museum today!


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Now also accepting non-monetary contributions for the new

Role-Playing Gaming Historical museum.

Email us for more information:  info@rpgresearch.com

We are going to be posting a museum inventory checklist soon of what we have and what we need, but you can send us duplicates of what we have that we can sell at auction to raise funds to cover our online and offline operating costs too.

The RPG Historical Museum will be an experiential museum

sharing the full history of all role-playing games formats.

We are starting with a

We are a 501(c)3 research & human services international volunteer-run non-profit charity studying the effects of all role-playing games and their potential to help improve lives around the world!

Socially Isolated? We are here to help!

Join our free cooperative social

tabletop role-playing game sessions online!

To help people through the current crisis,

with the potential health consequences of extended

social isolation increasing anxiety, fear, loneliness, depression, and other concerns,

our volunteers are making as many sessions available daily as we can.

All ages welcomed! Ages 5 (with parental assistance) through senior adults!

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100% Volunteer-run charitable 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization

Providing Research & Human Services Programs Improving Lives Around The World

Through the Power of Accessible & Inclusive  Cooperative Music & Role-Playing Games


RPG Research is a non-profit charitable research & human services organization involved with role-playing games.
We began with our founder's RPG efforts beginning in 1977.
In schools since 1985, and therapeutic programs since 2004.
Our free and open research repository has also been available to the public online since 2004.
We incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2017,  100% run by unpaid volunteers across 5 continents.
In 2018 we had only 10 regular volunteers (partnering with many other organizations).
As of March 2020 we hit over #121 across 5 continents!



or here:
Learn more about our  Vision  Mission , &  Impact .

We provide a free and open research repository , and regular community programs on-site and online free of charge.

RPG Research provides free training to all long-term volunteers toward 20 different levels of volunteer training diplomas.

Anyone around the world can join as a volunteer (with background check) trainee here:  https://rpgresearch.com/jobs

If you want faster paid training, then you'll want to check out RPG Therapeutics LLC workshops and certification programs -  https://rpgtherapy.com  .
The content that takes weeks to learn at once per week at RPG Research as a volunteer, you will learn in a single intensive day at RPG Therapeutics.
The content that takes months at RPG Research once per week, you can learn in a few intensive weeks.
However, learning through RPG Research gives you more hands-on experience and peer-review training over time.

All of our content at RPG Research is free and open to the public.

The live streams are all free and open during the broadcasts (between 3-10 per week). https://youtube.com/rpgresearch

We thank our Patreon -  https://patreon.com/rpgresearch  donors for their support by giving them access to the recorded broadcasts, our essays, etc., about a month before the general public.

Over time we release the lecture notes on these training sessions to our Patreon supporters soon.

We have a few workbooks and other books in the process developing toward publication.

Just let us know if you would like to know anything else by sending email to info at rpgresearch dot com or CONTACT US.


  • Our office HQ is 1312 N. Monroe St. Spokane, WA, USA.

  • Our staff consists of 100% unpaid volunteers.

  • We have over 100 volunteers across 5 continents!

  • No clients are ever at our founders home, instead meet our participants online or at their locations, or at community centers, schools, libraries, rehabilitation centers, parking lots using the wheelchair accessible RPG bus or trailers, etc.

  • Our programs are provided freely to the public.

  • The rpg bus and trailers are owned by our founder and he freely donates use of them but they are not owned by any company, instead he carries the burden of their payments, insurance, licensing, maintenance, etc., and we get to use them freely.

  • We provide freely available research repositories.

  • We provide freely available community programs.

  • Our programs provide all role-playing game formats including: tabletop, live-action, electronic, and hybrids.

  • Our programs also provide cooperative music programs including open music jams and drum circles.

  • We have a team of open source volunteer software developers creating accessible electronic role-playing games.

  • We have a team of volunteer transcriptionists helping to make our videos more accessible to the Deaf & HoH, as well as other languages.

  • We have a team of volunteer researchers helping to create new research freely available to the public.

  • We have a team of volunteer game masters and facilities helping to provide online and in-person game sessions.

  • Our founder became involved with role-playing games in 1977, software development in 1979 (and online via what would become the Internet), paid professional game master since 1982, researching the effects of role-playing games since 1983, running role-playing games in schools since 1985, running role-playing games in therapeutic settings since 2004.

  • RPG Research (Project) moved online in 2004 as public research data repository and has been growing rapidly ever since.